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Substance D — Google Summer of Code 2013 week 4

under Gsoc, Substanced, Plone, Python, English

Greetings, following is the update for Substance D project. Substance D is an application server built using the Pyramid web framework. It can be used as a base to build a general-purpose web application like a blog, a shopping cart application, a scheduling application, or any other web app that requires both an administration and a retail interface. Substance D owes much of its spirit to the Zope application server. Quick links to project info:

Here is the progress done last week (and yesterday):

  • Submitted pull request adding support for evolution package through webui
  • I've quickly thrown together an actual app with Substance D, adding a few content types, views and templates. Mostly to feel more comfortable as an user and to help me with evaluating how to do multilingual support.
  • I've given some thought on the matter of multilingual content and decided to write a document of why/how to implement multilingual support into Substance D. On EuroPython, we agreed with Ree Balazs that we need at least low-level support for that in Substance D since having that outside of core makes it very hard (we learned that lesson in Plone the hard way). Ramon Navarro Bosch (author of has also offered help on brainstorming and we had a first discussion last week.

Next week: